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We are a bunch of enthusiasts who are passionate about discovering new talents, creating opportunities and helping you live your dream!

‘talenttattoo’ is a unique digital platform created for people who never give up on their passion. We believe in building talent communities to discover, recognize and promote new talents. A new age digital platform which gives a fantastic opportunity to showcase talent and letting the world know about it. A platform which makes talent sharing super easy! Creating opportunities for collaboration with likeminded talents and mentorship opportuniteis by experts. talenttattoo is all about you and your passion! 

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How we do it

talenttattoo gives you the opportunity to take your talent to the next level...

Large format talent promotion initiatives takes place largely on television with limited talent category options. This leaves a number of other talented individuals dissapointed with no opportunity for recognition and appreciation.

At the time of signing up you can choose your talent categories you are interested in. talenttattoo gives you a virtual platform to show your talent, compete with other contestants and a professional jury to decide the best! Your rewards & recognition will follow...

'talenttattooPRO' is a SaaS platform which helps organizations effectively drive a differentiated and unique employee engagement strategy. A unique opportunity of encouraging creative talents on a digital platform giving a consistent employee experience across the board. Covering areas like: Photography, Poetry, Singing, Painting, Music, Fashion, Culinary Skills, Acting, Classical Dance, Storytelling and many more, encouraging employees to participate and celebrate their talent at an organizational level through a structured annual engagement model. 

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Founder & CEO

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Strategic Advisor