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  • Jul 22, 2019

Hola People! How Are You? This Blog Will Take You One More Step Closer To Achieving Your Creative Passion!

If you've read the last blog, you already know the categories of talenttatoo by now. Here's a quick recap of the same. The talenttatoo categories are- Acting, Singing-Indian, Singing-Western, Dancing, Indian Classical, Photography, Musclemania, Recipe Championship, Comedy, Short Movies, Abra Ka Dabra (Magic), Selfie Queen & King and many more plus separate contests for kids.

Now, each of these categories has versatile themes based on which you have to submit your performances. Here are a few examples. For acting competition online, there can be themes like relationships, emotions, situations while cooking competition may be themed as breakfast hacks, quick salads, desserts, and many more. For photography, themes can be abstract, nature, emotions, etc.  For western music, there can be themes like country, rock, pop and jazz. Short-movies can be based on documentary, thriller, suspense and more.

Once you participate, the whole country will be able to see your performance. Don’t forget to tell your friends, relatives, colleagues and more to vote for your videos, as voting is the only thing that’s going to take you ahead in the competition. After all, it will be people's choices that will let the participants reach the finals.

If you're too good at your performance, you can reach the top 5 for sure. Our jury will evaluate the top 5 finalist carefully and decide the top three winners, who will win exciting prizes from talenttatoo.

Journey at talenttatoo doesn’t end with winning. A whole new realm of opportunity will be opening up for the talenttatoo winners. Your prowess will get large-scale visibility and recognition through our social media pages. Talenttatoo is the right kickstart to your journey of becoming a big star!

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