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  • Sep 29, 2020

Challenging Times?

Challenging Times? How about a digital platform which helps bring out the best of your creative side in a time like this keeping you positively motivated and constructively engaged?

People engagement done constructively not only leads to empowering everyone to express but also a great way to reduce stress and increase people morale. Talenttattoo, which is an out of box digital media platform has been at the helm of encouraging creative skills of people not only for corporate employees but also for communities through various digital engagement initiatives. Whether it is photography, culinary skills, singing, fitness, music, creative arts, movie making, debates and many more. The mobile application 'talenttattooPRO' gives people the power to express themselves through creative content creation.

The COVID time has been difficult for everyone and in a time like this Talenttattoo has taken many initiatives to engage corporate employees, college students and communities through its digital campaigns allowing people to constructively participate and get rewarded! Corporate cutting across sectors have been using the platform extensively as a productive employee engagement tool bringing all employees digitally together since most of their employees are working from home and do not have options for seamless engagement. Supporting various hospital staff like, paramedics, nurses, doctors as well as medical students, helping bring down their stress levels in a time like this when they are busy serving the nation! Similarly, students are taking this opportunity as an extracurricular activity to participate and create their own content displaying their creative side to larger audience. 'Digital Engagement' will be the 'new normal' as corporate and institutions would rely more on digital methods of engaging their target audience which in turn helps in motivation, retention & productivity apart from positive brand building.

In the time of social distancing Talenttattoo is bringing people together…digitally!

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