talenttattoo is a talent discovery digital platform specially designed to find and promote new talents. People can participate in various online talent contests and get recognized and rewarded
Only registered members can participate. Once registered, complete your profile in order to participate in ongoing contests
There is no minimum or maximum age however we have separate kids contests like singing, dancing, acting, general contests for kids. Kids under 15 years can participate in various kids category.
Every member has to register and create a profile on talenttattoo. Parents are advised to make their kids profile or make their own profile and upload relevant videos/pictures as per the contest.
Yes, you are allowed to participate in multiple contest at the same time if you are multi-talented
You have an option of ‘invite friends’ on your profile page. You can invite your friends from your social pages like facebook, google+ & twitter. You can also share the website link with them on WhatsApp
Yes. You can send invitations to other registered members on talenttattoo. You can connect with likeminded individuals having similar interests & talents. You can also send messages to your connections
Yes. They can view it on the ‘talent contest’ page. They can also view on the ‘talent box’ page
Yes. talenttattoo team will verify your entry based on the guidelines. The team will also check regarding spam and unsolicited media which will immediately be rejected. talenttattoo also has a pre-jury which decides whether your entry meets the basic qualitative criteria to participate in a contest
Yes, there are defined guidelines for every contest. Every participant should read the guidelines properly in order to avoid rejection of their entry
Registered members can view entries of the participants on the contest page, participants profile page/my contest and talent box. Registered members can vote on any of the 3 pages
Yes. Non-registered members/visitors are allowed to vote by submitting and verifying their email addresses. You can share contest links on your social pages to invite people to vote for you
Once your entry is approved by talenttattoo team the initial shortlisting is based on people’s choice i.e. number of votes received by the participants. Top 5 participants who receive the highest number of votes will enter the finals. The same entries from the final 5 will be sent to the jury and they will decide the top winners. The winners will be decided purely on merit basis and the decision of the jury will be final
In case of a tie in votes received, your entry will be shared on talenttatto’s facebook page so that talenttattoo facebook followers can view and like your entry. Whoever gets the highest number of likes will move to the finals
Announcement of winners happen on talentattoo contest page and all social media pages of talenttattoo. Names of winners will also get added to past contests plus it gets added to your achievements in your profile
Winners will get gift vouchers from talenttattoo or the sponsor of the contest. The details of the winners will also be shared on talenttattoo social pages. The top winner will also be featured on the contest page video
The choice is yours. In case you did not reach the finals in the last contest you might want to share a new video of your talent

NOTE: You can write to connect@talenttattoo.com in case you have any other questions