Yes, you can select campaigns you’d like to participate based on your interest.
No. You can submit only one entry in every campaign.
No, you cannot. However, you can write to our support team giving reasons for deletion and it will be deleted. You can participate again once deleted.
Yes, you can edit your profile information including your profile picture and other information.
You can earn reward points in 3 ways: via direct participation in campaigns, via clapping for other participants, via commenting for other participants.
Yes for clap however only once for commenting for a participant.
Once you reach the defined limit for redemption, you can click on ‘Redeem Points’ in ‘My Dashboard’ and your request will go to the admin for further action
Yes, you can see it in ‘My Dashboard’ by clicking on your media
Yes. You can go to ‘Talent Box’ and search media related to past campaigns

NOTE: For any queries you can write to connect@talenttattoo.com